Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Best of tumblr- reflections and raindrops

Best of Tumblr I- Reflections and Raindrops

I felt that these photos really worked well together as a group. There was no real criteria, but most of these had some things in common: play between light and dark, atmospheric, with water or reflections.

Andy Huang

Helen Yu

Annie Lim

Spencer Gatzke

Zander Beshara

Jackie Yu                                              Zach Kompst

Elsie Wei

Edward Chao

Sunny Xiang

Edward Chao

Angel Gu

Helen Yu

Fina Ling                                                 Irvin Ng

Elsie Wei

Sunny Xiang                                                Marina Luro

Lachlan Hunter

Elsie Wei

Friday, February 13, 2015


 Posted by Mara

Whether you are aware or not, pictograms rule our lives! Mwahaha! Okay, that was pretty dramatic. But seriously,  these simple drawings denoting instructions are everywhere, telling us: which way to go for an elevator, food, or  subway; when there is a campsite or children are playing nearby, what kind of chemicals are hazardous, even which gender a washroom is for! The neat thing about this form of visual language is that it is universally understood, bypassing all language barriers.

These signs-you may recognize them, as they are posted around the school- were created by Commercial Design 11. Can you figure out what these pictograms are showing?


Friday, February 6, 2015

Pink Shirt Day

Posted by Mara
As warmer days approach, so to does Pink Shirt Day. Recently, the a committee of several students and staff made the difficult decision of which design to choose, to grace Point Grey's iconic pink shirts. Though we can't tell you yet which of the strong and varied designs was the winner, I can show you a sample of some of my favourite designs. Which one do you think was chosen??