Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Photo12: Oliver New

Photo 12: Wild 'n' Romantic


CUT AND PASTE (Photo 12)

I was thrilled to accept an invitation, on behalf of my senior photography class, to participate in the inaugural BC edition of the Flash Forward Incubator program - a collaborative presentation of the Magenta Foundation and The Capture Photography Festival.  That's a mouthful but what it really means is that we got to partner with some really amazing people to produce photographic work in collaboration with a wonderful arts-based education organization with an exhibition taking place between April 23rd and April 29th 2018 at the Roundhouse Community Arts Center.  A wonderful opportunity for students to get feedback from industry professionals and have their work professionally printed, framed and presented in an exhibition. I couldn't be more proud of them.  Some really wonderful work was created around the theme of Cut and Paste.

Phoebe Wong 

Alex Bolzner 

Julian Lee 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Graphics 11: Lego Alphabet

Recently brought in a bunch of Lego and have had a ton of fun incorporating it into various courses. Here, a senior design class uses it to design and construct assigned letterforms.  The challenge here was to construct a free standing 3-dimensional letterform that contained a specific colour scheme and used the construction method as creatively as possible.  I love these, although some of the photography is whack - my fault...

Monday, April 9, 2018

Portraits of NYC 2018

Recently returned from our bi-annual Art and Photography trip to NYC.  32 students and 3 chaperones making our way around that amazing city, taking in the sites, sounds and inclimate weather, and having a blast the entire time.  Graffiti tours of Brooklyn, Culinary tours of Greenwich, the Met, Guggenhiem, MOMA, Neue, ICP and Museum of Moving Images were but a few of the highlights of a rambunctious week.  Ms.  Dodge took photos of (I think) all of our amazing students along the way.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Graphics 11: "SEEING RED" Social Justice Posters

Inspired by the amazing See Red Women's Workshop our design 11 students explored issues of gender representation, objectification and other assumptions and messages perpetuated by our culture. Students were asked What ticks you off?  What do you see everyday that makes you so angry?  that makes you see red.  They worked with intentionally analogue, DIY imagery and production methods and were asked to come up with a catch phrase, slogan or question for the audience that would make them question imagery that they take for granted.

Rhys Andrews 

Angela Aguilar 

Jason Yuen 

Kayli Koonar 

Graphics 10: Movie Poster

Roy Yin