Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Best of Tumblr-VI and a half

Pretty lights; city lights. Now, I know I'm kind of cheating here, with another exhibit on lights, but I felt these were a little different, and deserved their own group.

Helen Yu

John Daily

Annie Lim

Jenny Lu                                                       John Daily

Maria Bennett

Best of Tumblr VI- Natural beauty

From mountain panoramas, to close-ups of flower petals, these are some great pictures of breathtaking scenery in the great outdoors.

Zander Beshara                                                      Winta Alazar

Cenniste Lu

Cenniste Lu                                           Jessica Wong

Emily Chin

Fina Ling                                    Irvin Ng

Helen Yu

Spencer Gatzke

Irvin Ng

Taylor Cole

Maria Bennett

Taiping Li

Taylor Cole

Shanae Chiu

Movie Posters- Graphics 10

Movie, anyone? Perhaps Narnia is your thing; or maybe you'd rather watch Angelina Jolie playing the bad  guy. Or how about a incredible story of survival, or a thrilling mystery?

The grade 10 Graphics class has made beautiful movie posters for them all, and more! Now, if only watching the movies during school was part of the deal.....

Agnes Dong

 Casey Gao                                                  Christal Yuan

Sebrina Li

Christy Au                                               Theresa Zhang

Emily Liang                                               Myron Xi

Tiffany Lam

 Lizy Liu                                                  Rachel Au

Kristen Rose

Monday, March 30, 2015

Best of Tumblr V- Daily scenes

 These are snapshots of mundane items; chronicles of daily life. Everyday objects doing ordinary things: it's just stuff.

Anatomy of Typography: Graphics 9

Done by the Graphics 9 class, these projects dissect the elements of font.