Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Art 8 Lego Sculptures: Alien Plants

We had some fun in our Art 8 class the other day using lego as a sculpture medium.  The kids worked in small, loose groups, I piled an assortment of random lego (only basic pieces) on their table and gave them challenges.  We had a blast, made cool stuff, photographed it quickly, then destroyed our creations and started again - just as we should with lego!

Arnold Liu, Henry Young 

Danny Kwon

Jaiya Bal, Teonnie Parmitter 

Matthew Davies, Eitan Nurick. Wesley Lin 

Art 8 Lego Sculptures: Birds

Some more lego fun! - I loved watching how engaged the students were.  It's interesting how their process changes when presented with a medium that they are so familiar with.  They could get right down to the act of creation and problem solving without having to worry about how good their drawing was or how to make clay do this or that.

Danny Kwon 
Jaiya Bal,  Teonnie Darmiter 

James Gregory, Moises Lopez, Riley McMillian 

May Magallon 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Graphics 12: Book Covers

An annual assignment for my Grade 12 Graphic Design students and one of my favourites.  They have to do their own photography, plan the imagery to connect with symbols or themes from the book, include a synopsis, author bio, review bites, publisher mark and title design.  It's definitely a journey but well worth it considering the quality of the designs that were submitted.

Phoebe Wong

Annie Guo 

Jason Yang 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Graphics 9: Polyscapes

Monique Flemming 

Omar Alhmoud 

Valerie Wong

Ryden Kaye

Veronika Bumbulovic 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Graphics 10: Text Poster

Man do I have some wonderful grade 10 design student this year!  This poster project is meant to continue the work that students have been doing with composition this year, utilizing colour, space, size to compose a dynamic, communicative image using only words as elements.  We usually construct them manually but this year we created them digitally (after doing a ton on thumbnails). I'm just thrilled with the results.  Click "read more" to see all the posters - it's worth it.

Calle Ofreneo

Josh Chiu

Maya Daniels 

Roy Yin 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Graphics 11: Personal logo

These personal logos are the result of a really in depth project for which grade 11 design students deconstructed letterforms, developed them, combined them together to form logos - all by hand. They scanned the images and loaded them into Adobe Illustrator where they used the Live Trace and Live paint functions to develop them further.  There was a lot of exploration, development and experimentation going on, as demonstrated by the wide variety of designs resulting. I'm really pleased with the results and super proud of the students for the patience, determination creativity and independence that I requested/demanded of them right off the bat.

Angela Aguilar 

Vicky Chu 

 Jason Yuen